Find the Maximum FHA Loan Amount Eligible in Your Area

What is the maximum loan amount allotted through the FHA for your area? FHA Loans are subject to loan limits that are frequently updated so please use our easy-to-use tool below to determine the maximum loan amount in your county.

If you have further questions about FHA rates or the differences between FHA mortgages and traditional financing, please visit our FHA Resources section.

More Help Understanding Loan Limits

You can confirm the loan limits in your area by getting in touch with one of our expert FHA Mortgage Specialists. Begin the process now or start with our short form below.

Additional Information

These limits are provided as a guide. The best way to see how much you qualify for? is by getting pre-qualified. Fill the short form below and get in touch with FHA lenders who can get you started on the process and inform you of the applicable limits in your unique situation.

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