Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Program

Lead poisoning is dangerous and can have deadly effects on anyone living in a house that has lead based paint on the walls. The Department of Housing and Urban Development took a large leap towards avoiding lead poisoning by offering 39 million dollars in grant money in order to clean up lead based contaminants in large urban cities.

HUD is calling this the Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Program. HUD will specifically target cities that have high incidences of lead poisonings and offer them grant money to help.

Money will be used to help:

  • Identify lead based paint. There may be lead based paint in homes and apartment buildings that the people who live there are unaware of.
  • Keep lead based paint under control. By identifying the lead hazard and controlling the possible poisoning conditions HUD hopes to save people from the deadly possibilities.
  • Help in privately owned properties. HUD will offer funding to homes and apartment buildings owned by private citizens in order to reduce the chance of lead poisoning.
  • Especially target low income residential areas. Many renters don't know there is lead paint in their homes until a tragedy occurs.

HUD plans to offer the funding to keep people and children safe from the dangers of lead poisoning and decrease the chances of future tenants and occupants of properties from having lad poisoning disasters. Find more information on HUD Programs.

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