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Many homeowners who need help with mortgage loans are finding it difficult to get relief. A Federal Reserve study found that about 2.3 million homeowners who could have been helped by refinancing in 2010 were unable to because of strict lending standards. Underwater mortgages Almost a quarter of U.S.... Read More>>

The amount you can borrow with a government-backed mortgage loan has declined

The U.S. housing market continues to limp along. About a quarter of homeowners are underwater on their mortgage loans, foreclosure filings continue to drag down local housing markets and many borrowers are unable to refinance or sell their homes to improve their standard of living. Now,... Read More>>

Refinancing to a 15-year mortgage loan could save you thousands of dollars in interest payments

If you've been paying on a mortgage for quite a few years but want to refinance, consider getting a 15-year loan so you don't end up paying more than you should. Here's why a 15-year mortgage could be a good deal right now. Rock bottom mortgage rates Mortgage rates... Read More>>

Stage Your House to Get It Sold

Are you putting your house on the market to sell? If so, make sure you've done everything you can to present your property in a way that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers possible. Staging your home can allow you to highlight the best features of your home so... Read More>>

What Documentation Is Needed to Refinance?

Refinancing could allow you to take advantage of the some of the lowest mortgage rates ever.? Having good credit is important for getting the best deal on a home refinance. But even if you have a high credit score, mortgage lenders will expect you to provide documentation of income and assets. Having... Read More>>

Choosing Surety Bonds for Your Home Renovation

For many homeowners, the choice between expanding their current home and buying a new one is difficult. Financing it can be a hassle in this economy. But have you considered the benefits of a surety bond? In efforts of keeping roots planted, many homeowners eventually decide... Read More>>

Is Your VA Home in a Flood Zone?

If you are I the market for a new home have you considered the potential for possible future flood damage to the property? For those veterans using the VA Home Loan Guarantee Program, it is required by the VA for the buyer to pay the fee... Read More>>

What Mortgage Payment Can You Afford?

When it is time for a person to purchase a home many things need to be considered in order for it to be affordable.? The largest expense for an average family is their housing costs.? When you purchase a home it will probably be the largest purchase you will ever... Read More>>

More on FHA Refinancing and Avoiding Foreclosure

Sometimes changes in life could force you to sell your home.? The loss of a job, illness, disability, divorce, or other factors could make it impossible to keep your home.? The FHA has various suggestions for how to sell your home in the case that you need to sell quickly... Read More>>

Lender Programs to Help You Keep Your Home

If you run into unexpected hardships and are unable to make a mortgage payment, the first thing you should do is to contact your lender.? They want to help you get caught up with your loan payments and have various programs to help. Some of the ways in which you can... Read More>>

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